Overriding system gestures when focused on specific app

Hello there,

I've search high and low on the internet and scoured the community here to no avail. Back in the day (this is YEARS ago) when I used BTT, I was able to specify gestures that were app specific without activating system gestures.

I currently have 2 finger swipe left/right to swap between desktops in the System Preferences under the Mouse pane. After adding an application to BTT and setting up a new gesture (2 finger swipe left), it triggers the keyboard shortcut in the application, but at the same time engages the swipe between full-screen apps.

Is there a way to ignore the system gestures and have only the application in focus react to the input? I'm sure the solution is in plain sight, I just can't seem to get my head around what I'm looking for or where the option/trigger necessary is located.

I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, and thank you in advance for any help I receive.


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