Overriding app's shortcut to insert a non-latin character


I live in Poland and use "alt + " to insert a national character in all kind of apps. That works ok everywhere except MindMaster app by Edraw, where "alt + a" is a hardcoded shortcut to do sth that I definitely do not want to execute when I press the combination mentioned above.

Is there any way to override app's behaviour? I tried to do it but cannot find the appropriate action to be lauched by BTT when detecting "alt+ a" in MindMaster. There are dozens of options but none of them allows me to just enter a specific character ("ą" in this case).

All your help will be highly appreciated.

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PS. I edited the post, previously instead of "alt + a" I wrote "cmd + a" but forgot that I replaced right-cmd with right-alt and vice versa :slight_smile:

You can use the predefined action "Paste / Type Text" and assign it to the shortcut in BTT.

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Thanks, works perfectly :slight_smile: I only had to switch from pasting to typing.