Option for left or right-docked button groups to open in the scrollable container instead of the whole touch bar

Just saw this.

And it's even worse on mine, as I have TONS of groups per-app which all need the right side 'control strip'. (some 60+ I would guess). Updating the functionality for all of them could drive you borderline insane.

I think however, as linked, an "always show everywhere" option would be better and easier to use.

Though then there's the problem of how to update the look of the pressed button to highlight that it's pressed and showing. Ideas?

One idea:
this is pretty crazy but maybe per-button conditional activation groups would work :confused:

or maybe introduce something like Tumult Hype's persistent symbols, where for every instance of a symbol only one true copy is referenced. Editing one also edits every instance. It won't migitate the painful copy-pasting but it'll probably reduce load stress

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