OpenOffice crashes with BetterSnapTool

When using OpenOffice with BetterSnapTool enabled it crashes very often with an Index out of bounds error.
This has also been reported by others: [Solved] Fatal Error "index out of bounds" when open docs (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum
It also happens with other apps.
I am not requesting a bug fix because that might be resource intensive.
If possible could a feature be added to BetterSnapTool to ignore OpenOffice?
Greetings and by the way I am a happy user of BetterSnapTool.

You can click the BetterSnapTool icon and choose "disable for current application". BST will remember that choice.

Unfortunately this is a bug in Open Office, they need to fix this ;-(

Hi Andreas, thanks for pointing that out, I had never seen that option. Also never needed it before, never had issues with any other applications in combination with BetterSnapTool.
So thanks