Opening a group folder does not always work

Set up access to visit, open a preset file group. But the grouped icon is always displayed instead of opening automatically.

After thinking for a long time, I found out that the arrow in the picture is not right, how can I make it right?

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You can speak Chinese if English cannot express yourself.





thanks for the reply. I checked that the settings are the same as yours. The current problem is that the grouped folder does not expand automatically

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Oh, I misunderstood sorry!

Here in images (step by step) how to open folders automatically when finder is the seen program:

It's normal that folders show their icons, only when you tap the folders can display their contents.

Screenshots needed, maybe there is a named trigger that auto-opens the folder.


First of all, thank you very much for your patience in taking screenshots and replying to help me. I followed your steps step by step, but still only show the folder icon during the visit. I was operating after re-installing btt. Anything else is the default, do I need to change it further?

I want to open different software, the touchbar will change automatically.

Thanks to Google Translate, hope to make my meaning clear.

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Ok, easier:

  1. App Specific Group
  2. Put all your actions in here

兄弟,我需要确认一下,你说的文件夹是指最左边黑色区域的条件触发文件夹(conditional activation group)还是白色那一列的普通蓝色文件夹(group)。

这个功能就是依靠conditional activation group实现的,当条件达成就会显示其内容,用以下截图举例,当打开chrome时,就会显示这些按键。

但是你给的截图却是建了一个普通的文件夹 ,当然不会自动展开,只有设置了named trigger才能自动展开。