Open windows10 start menu in parallels?

Hi All,

New BBT user and going well.
I’m relatively new to OSX and I have to run Windows in Parallels for some work applications.

Can I add a button to open the windows 10 menu in coherence mode?

I’ve worked out I can do it via terminal:
Cd “/users/me/parallels/windows 10.pvm/”
Open “windows”

But I don’t seem to be able to get this to work via a button for some reason (tried two synchronous terminal commands)

Create a button that opens the .pvm file of the desired machine. This should work. :+1:t4:

I did try that but it just seems to do nothing, it takes focus to something but I imagine that would just start the VM if it wasn't running?

Precisely. And if it was in Coherence before you quit it this should boot in coherence right again :thinking:

Ah yes, sorry some confusion on my intended outcome
What I am trying to get the button to do is open the windows start menu when the VM is already running, as you can do from the dock.
The dock appears to just run the windows within the PVM and if I run the commands via terminal then the menu pops up as well

if it works on the terminal it should also work in BTT if you use the run terminal command action.
However don't cd in an extra step, just open the full path:

open “/users/me/parallels/windows 10.pvm/window”

Hmmm ok if I run that via terminal then the menu flashes up and hides again, I think I tried that one last night and when I saw that I assumed the button was probably working but flashing the menu so quickly I couldn't see it... When I cd and open, oh actually that is doing the same thing now! Back to the drawing board maybe!

Most likely Parallels also has some sort of menu item to send the windows key? That could be triggered using BTT's "trigger menubar menu item" action.

Ahhh yes it does have a view > windows start menu option, I will give that a crack thank you!