Open specific finder folder?

Hi all,
Very new to BTT & loving it so far.
I have a NAS mapped on my Mac (set up as a drive on finder - LHS inside finder window, similar to where an external drive is located.)
Is it possible to open this via the Touch Bar? It would be super handy to be able to click an icon on the Touch Bar and have the finder window (for the NAS) come up, rather then me having to open finder and navigate to the drive every time I want to open the drive.
Any help would be super appreciated!
apologies if similar has already been discussed.

Just make a new button and give it the action "Launch Application / Open File / Start Apple Script …"
Then just navigate to your NAS folder and that's it.
Attention, it might not work if the NAS isn't connected yet.


@Caliguvara worked a treat, thank you!