Open link in specific Chrome window

In my workflow, I work with two to three windows next to each other.
I'd like to hold down modifier keys while pressing on a link. If I press in the lower left corner on the touchpad, it should open in the left active Chrome window, if I press lower middle it should open in the middle window and if I press in the lower right corner it should open in the right positioned window.

(would be great if it could open new window if there are no windows open).

Maybe it could be based on snap areas which I already have setup or maybe by window name (you can name windows in Chrome) but this might be broken if you close the window and open a new one.

Anyway, does anyone have an idea on how this can be achieved?

UPDATE: I found a way to do it. Not as clean as I wanted but it works.

  • Name your window eg. "Third"
  • Create a trigger eg. hold Option + three finger tap
  • Assign it "Trigger context menu item" with trigger command Copy Link Address
  • Attach additional action to run Applescript (async in background)
tell application "Google Chrome"
	set theURL to the clipboard
	set found to false
	set targetWindow to missing value
	-- Loop through windows to find one named "Third"
	repeat with w in windows
		if (title of w as string) is equal to "Third" then
			set found to true
			set targetWindow to w
			exit repeat
		end if
	end repeat
	-- If the "Third" window is found, create a new tab with the copied URL
	if found then
		tell targetWindow
			set newTab to make new tab with properties {URL:theURL}
			set active tab index to index of newTab
		end tell
		-- If not found, create a new window and name it "Third" if possible
		set targetWindow to make new window
		tell targetWindow
			set newTab to make new tab with properties {URL:theURL}
			set active tab index to index of newTab
		end tell
		-- Note: Directly naming windows in Chrome via AppleScript might not be supported.
		-- This script assumes the new window can be implicitly considered "Third" by the user.
	end if
end tell

Unfortunately I think this would be really hard to achieve with BTT as BTT can not catch the links you click in Chrome.
This would require a Chrome extension. There is which might work, but I haven't tried it

I was hoping it could be combined with AppleScript or other hacky solution but thanks for the link.
I found that extension before writing this post but AFAIK, you can't assign it to shortcuts or similar and it takes too many clicks for my patience

Thanks for your suggestion. Seems like the developer has abandoned the extension and Alt+click is not working anymore. Otherwise, this would have been perfect for me