one trigger, multiple action modes

can someone point me in the right direction?
Short description: I want to have trigger A be able to perform action Y and Z. I don't want to use modifier keys, I want trigger B to switch between modes Y and Z.

I'm guessing I need some sort of variable saved so that when I trigger A, the BTT system knows if it has to perform action Y or Z. Haven't found this desire in another thread, but maybe someone can find similar problems and answers for me.

Long description: I have successfully set up a surface dial working with BTT. I can now choose how I want to use it. Currently it's set to the app switcher, but I also want to be able to use it to zoom. How will I change this behaviour? Currently my thoughts are to use the dial button to switch modes. Maybe with some fancy HUD overlay to tell me in which mode I am:
mode 1: app switcher
mode 2: zoom
mode 3: scroll
mode 4: ???

I think this could work with enabling/disabling different presets. The button of a floating menu could serve as a visual indicator to see which preset is active.

@Frank1 thanks for the tip. I have some experience with presets and changing buttons in the notch bar, so I think I will be able to make that work

There are many ways to achieve this :slight_smile: Presets should be an option, but maybe a relatively complicated one.

You could also assign the "cycle though multiple actions" meta action and assign it to the dial button. Then add multiple actions, each of which sets a specific variable, e.g. using the "Assign/Set Value For Variable" action.

Then you could add the wheel triggers multiple times and add "Advanced Trigger Conditions" which look for the variable value so they only get triggered if that variable has a specific value

dude, I'm so happy that you're also very active on the forum. Like a walking-talking FAQ, manual and help center in one. I could've never found that meta action by myself. I'm going to look into that and see if I can make it work on my own :innocent:

Exactly these actions made it work. I now toggle between scrolling, zooming, volume, app switcher, mute. Now let's see if it's actualy doable and usefull in my day to day workflow haha

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Hi man, really cool that you managed to do that!
I've been trying to do this for a few weeks too and I'm pretty stuck :confused:
Would it be possible for you to paste your code as a template here?
That would be really nice!

Hey @lvlconcepts Sorry I haven't responded to your message. Hope this will help:

First I have a trigger (for me it's a button on a Microsoft Surface Dial, but I guess the trigger can also be a hotkey)
Action = 'Cycle through multiple actions (on repeated trigger)
When I configure that I have various values set for variable.
For me the variable is 'dialMode' (you can make up your own)
And the values are different. Like: scroll, zoom, app switcher, etc.

Now I have a variable that can have different values. I use this value to let me use a trigger for different uses. For me it's the same surface dial, but now turning of the dial. It can also be a scroll or something else.
The trigger should have 'Advanced Conditions' and the condition is the variable.
So IF variable A has value X, the trigger does this. IF variable A has value Y, the same trigger does something else:

I hope this helps you on your way.
If someone else sees something stupid in my setup, please share. I'm happy to learn