One letter - two functions. A different single key trigger

In my eternal search for the best setting for single key triggers, this is my favorite (at the moment).

Keyboard REVERSED DOWN (1)_export.bttpreset (99.5 KB)

What does the setting do?

  1. if a letter is typed normally, it is a letter as usual.
  2. if a letter is pressed and held, any other action can be triggered.

Action 2 corresponds to a shortcut without modifiers. Nothing is typed and nothing has to be undone.

To make this possible, all letters must be reversed in their "behavior". Even if no second function is assigned to a letter. All letters are typed when the key is released. This leads to a slight delay when typing (which I quickly got used to). In contrast to the "normal" setting, however, this does not result in any misplaced letters. You can write quickly and without errors.

Nothing needs to be changed in action 1. Action 2 can be adapted as required. At the moment, a HUD is triggered as a placeholder. If action 2 should be app-specific, it must be set up for the respective app. If the setting is imported as a CAG, the apps can be included or excluded there.

The whole thing is experimental but should work reasonably well if anyone wants to try it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTT 4.390 is required.

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Not sure why one wouldn't just use a hyperkey, like the CapsLock, instead.
This way it has no impact on typing. Most people can reach 50% of the letters while holding down the CapsLock with the pinking finger.

I do this to turn WASD into Up, Left, Down, Right. even though the MacBook already has arrow. It lets me keep my hand on the mouse, then use my left hand to make slight adjustments (when moving objects in Photoshop/Illustrator/etc)