Once again, horizontal scrolling 😉

I know this question comes up from time to time, but does anyone know a for-sure way using BTT—our anything, at any price—to end the scourge of horizontal scrolling with the Magic Mouse?

I find so frustrating. Always takes me out of my flow at the worst times.

I know BTT had a setting at one point, but I can't find it any more. Even back then, I feel as though it only worked part of the time.

I'm on macOS 13.1.

Really appreciate any guidance.

-- Robert

I saw a "disable horizontal scrolling on Magic Mouse" setting in the right sidebar settings for conditional activation groups. Not sure how it works though!

Thanks for the reply, @Yakobslav. I was hunting everywhere for that.

In my experience, that hasn't always worked but I was wanting to give it another try.

For anyone else interested in this problem...
After I posted yesterday I discovered a tool called Scroll. There's a 10-day free trial, after which it's $10.

So far, the trial has gone well—though I had to start and stop the app a couple times before it started to work. It has the nice ability to override your settings with a keyboard modifier, which is great for those times when you actually do want to scroll side-to-side.

Any idea how to disable two-finger horizontal scrolling for a Magic Trackpad? The options in BTT only affect a Magic Mouse.