On Screen TouchBar on iMac: great idea or horrible wish?

I moved from a MacBook Pro to an M1 iMac. I really miss my BTT-TouchBar. My situation was that I had my Dock hidden, and I used the control-modifier key to show the Dock instead. But it could do so much more.

I got the idea of an onscreen Touch Bar (would this one work?) to replace my Dock. Okay, not really a TouchBar but a ClickBar.

Great idea? Or horrible wish? Any thoughts?

I'm working on something like this:

I will also make it possible to have this behind or beside the Dock

This is awesome! Is there a roadmap? Or maybe a beta already?

Not yet, I just started working on this yesterday :slight_smile: But there should be something to play with in 1-2 weeks.

Oh really? What a timing :slight_smile:
If you need someone to test of give feedback...
And this is an extension of BTT? Or a different app?

Will be integrated in BTT.

Already any update to play with? :slight_smile:

Almost, maybe this evening!

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Looking forward to it!

Hi, I am a bit hesitant to reply, but it has been a week... I cannot find anything about it. BTT is still at 3.626.
And the one thing I can find about the subject (on the internet, the forum and BTT itself) is this:

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-08 om 08.48.03

Has it delayed or am I looking in the wrong places?

sorry it's delayed, did run into a few issues. They are resolved now and I hope I'll be able to push it today

Don't apologise! :wink: I understand it's hard work.
There is going to be an update I presume?

Hi, I have the 2019 MBP, with a bad touchbar. I had to kill it completely via terminal command due to the erratic light show.
What feature does your app have to offer FKeys via the keyboard (perhap allowing fn-number or such to simulate Fkey?
Maybe something in combination with Keyboard Maestro?