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I've created a gist of what I added in order to make the OmniFocus widget and actions because it's 500+ lines long of JSON

The big issue I'm having with it is when you press and hold on the main button and then it brings up the group with more tasks, the right side buttons do not go away like all of the other action groups. I thought I had most of it right, but I think I must be missing like one thing.

I should have some time to take a look this weekend :slight_smile: thanks for making the thread :smile:

Yeah, and I was thinking that the way I display it works for how I organize my tasks, but it could be an option to show or not to show the project name, and just the task with the preferences window. So that'd be just an added

if someSetting is true
  return first item of lstName
  return first item of lstProject & " - " & first item of lstName
end if

to all of the applescript widgets. I am thinking it may be a requested feature from this specifically.

Also, I refactored the applescript a bit to use a subroutine, so it's a bit more readable for the flattening of the lists.

I am trying to add the widget but am not sure how to import/add JSON. I have been searching but cannot find out how. Would someone help me out?

Also, thanks for working on an OmniFocus widget. Do you plan on continuing to work on it?

I am pretty sure that you can just right click and you can click "Copy/Paste JSON"

I'm still planning on adding this to GC, it's just gotten pushed back by other things! At this point it will probably not make it into the next stable version, but I'll make it my priority for the experimental version soon after that.

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That is awesome. Looking forward to it.

Has this feature been supported yet in @GoldenChaos? I would love to try this integration.

The dock badge is there, but I still need to add the actual widgets to the home strip! It's actually one of the next things on my list :slight_smile: there are a few other critical things I need to do and then I'm going to add a bunch of new features, this included.

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