Omnidirectional pan with a normal mouse

The biggest thing I miss with a normal mouse over the magic mouse is omnidirectional scrolling. Some logitech mice have a software feature that will let you pan omnidirectionally when you press an hold the middle button / scroll wheel button. You just hold it down and move the mouse and it scrolls in any direction. Similarly, lots of design apps let you hold the spacebar to enable this. click and drag anywhere while holding space and it pans (miro, sketch, photoshop, etc). I prefer the spacebar method.

Can you add a way to implement this? It needs two features:

  1. omnidirectional panning as an action
  2. the ability to use the spacebar as a modifier in mouse clicks

In any case there are several ways to use the Spacebar as a modifier. One is to use the predefined actions under "Modifier Keys" and connect them with space down/up. This doesn't work reliably for me, but it might for you.