Off-Topic: macOS overwriting shortcut via Terminal?


cmd+shift+S is used for "shared folder". But if I got into system preferences: shortcuts I overwrite this and tell macOS: instead of shared go to "Desktop" (Schreibtisch in German). Works fine. Yet, if I am in Safari, Preview or another App in the "Save As..."-dialog this isn't working anymore, instead used are the old preferences. How can I change that?

I cannot choose cmd+shift+S explicitly for any other Apps, because they are already in use for App-functionality.


I'm not sure I understand the issue :slight_smile:

In general you can override any shortcut with BTT. If you only want to override it for specific apps, add the app to the sidebar first. If you want to override it for most apps but not override it for a specific app, then add that app to BTT's sidebar, add the shortcut to it and assign the action "Do Nothing Or Use Apple Default" (or disable it for the app)