Odd touch bar button group behaviour

I created a button group for some snippet buttons that paste text. Once the button group is opened, there is no way to close it other than switching the active app or restarting btt. Additionally, pressing caps lock opens the group, and again, there is no possibility to close it. pressing caps lock further has no effect.

This is happening on my Macbook pro 15" bought in 2017. Mac OS 10.13.6 and btt version 2.536

Hope this is an easy fix. Thanks.

In that case something is wrong with your setup.
BTT adds a close button to every new group, you can add it manually using the predefined action "Close currently open Touch Bar group".

Not sure why caps lock would do anything, BTT doesn't listen to that. Do you have caps lock remapped to something?

If you want you can send me an export of your preset, then I may be able to say exactly what's wrong (andreas@folivora.ai)

I've noticed the CapsLock thing too, except it also happens with Shift/Opt/Control/Command. Basically, if you don't exit a group properly (using the close button), it will reopen when you next press one of the modifier keys. Try opening App Switcher in a group, selecting one of your open apps. The group seems to close, but if you press a modifier key, it pops back up.

Thanks, this solved it, I was able to get back the close button. This also fixed the caps lock issue. The funny thing though is if I remove the close button from the group again, the caps lock behaviour still happens. Not a very problematic issue though, so thanks or the quick reply!