Odd quirk when naming screenshot with "Save As"

My goal is to take a screenshot, have it save to a specific folder and then trigger a 'Save As' interface pop up so I can give the file a custom name (i.e. take a screenshot of an apple, have it go in the 'food' folder and manually type the name 'apple.png')

If I just click 'Save' from the Edit in BetterTouchTool it places the file in the correct folder. The issue is when I Edit in BetterTouchTool and 'Save As', the file path resets to the last place I navigated with Finder instead of the configured file path. Is this an issue on Apple's side of things or is there a possibility to have the folder default to the correct file path while Saving As?

I love this program by the way, it is a game changer!

Hi all, so I'm still stuck on this.

I've tried setting up Automator as a work around, but it also seems to be missing a 'save as' option, only Rename (which only allows prewritten text entry).

Is there any other work around I could look into for getting a Save As dialogue box as I capture screenshots?

EDIT: Another janky work around is in 'Capture Screenshot (Configurable)' setting the correct file path and setting File Name to something arbitrary like "deleteme" THEN having After Capture: Edit in BetterTouchTool and selecting Save As. If you keep the "deletme" file in the folder it won't create multiple copies of the screenshot. Pretty jank, but not the end of the world.