Occasional Frozen Keyboard

Hi. I'm running BTT 3.5.60 1700 on MacOS 11.2.2.

Occasionally—about 3 times a week—my keyboard (the external one and the one physically on my MacBook Pro) stops responding to keypresses. I don't know why, but quitting (or just choosing to re-start BTT) immediately resolves the problem. The computer is not frozen. Everything is responsive and the mouse works just fine; it's as though the keyboard is just frozen.

I can't say for sure BTT is the issue but wanted to post here to see if any one else has encountered anything similar.

Thanks for any guidance.

-- Robert

I have experienced the same issue. Although the frequency is not as extreme. I hadn't considered quitting and relaunching BTT as a solution. I restarted and it solved itself. I am going to try the quitting and relaunching of BTT the next time it happens.
The behavior started when I started using BTT, but don't know whether that is the culprit.


I have had the same problem - all of a sudden, maybe once a week, the keyboard stops communicating the keystrokes to whatever app I am in. The first time it happened, I tried closing various apps in turn, and found that closing BTT solved the problem. I now know that I simply have to close BTT but I hope that that glitch can be fixed some time soon.

Well, good to know I'm not alone. Thanks for the comments, @paul_alvechurch and @macosxguru.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, what's the best way to submit this as a potential bug report? I'm happy to provide any additional information you might need to verify and, if necessary, track down and resolve the issue.

-- Robert

Posting here is the best way. If you encounter this again, it would be great if you'd go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug information and send the result to andreas@folivora.ai

Did it maybe happen after recording a keyboard shortcut in BTT?

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I don't recall that these occurrences were after recording a keyboard shortcut, but they absolutely could have been. Will keep a closer eye on that and will do the Export Diagnostic step next time. Thanks for the reply!

-- Robert

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