OBS Scene aware CAG??

I use Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) and have several Touch Bar groups inside SLOBS used in conjunction with what scene I am using. One scene is for live-streaming and one is for using SLOBS as a virtual webcam with Zoom for teaching. I want to make a CAG that is aware of what scene i have selected in SLOBS so it only displays the Touch Bar group corresponding to that scene, and not both. Is this possible? I'm pretty new and not at all experienced with programming. Sorry if it's basic. Thanks!

Might be hard to do without an OBS plugin.
Do you know whether the window title changes based on the scene? Then that could be used.

OK, thanks for your reply! It's not a big deal, just trying to optimize of course. The Scene Selector is a little mini-window within SLOBS. The SLOBS main window name doesn't change. And it seems like the info displayed in BTT's CAG field doesn't change from scene to scene in SLOBS.

Ok then probably the only option would be to either have a Apple Script that regularly queries OBS and sets a BTT variable (not recommended due to performance) or a little OBS plugin that notifies BTT about the changes. I know that OBS plugins can do lots of things but unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with such ;-(

Hello Andreas,

Many thanks for your help back there. I ended up using a CAG for SLOBS and it worked great. I've switched back to regular OBS studio because it's less CPU intensive. The problem is the same CAG I set up for SLOBS doesn't work for OBS. Was using "List of Running Processes Contains OBS". And it works sometimes, but other times not. IT seems to depend on what Scene I'm using in OBS, even though that has no impact on the Process name. Any ideas welcome. Thanks!