'Now playing' widget multiple players behavior

Hi guys,

I noticed some unwanted behavior with the 'now playing' widget, and to be honest I am no expert with BTT yet so I don't know to what extent this is something handled by the system that BTT just reads or if we can actually customize this. If you have some input, even if that's not a solution but just an explanation, that'd be very nice.

The unwanted behavior:
The last interacted-with player is always the one that shows up. For example:

  • I have Spotify playing, widget shows Spotify: OK
  • I open a youtube video with chrome without pausing Spotify, widget shows Chrome: OK (but could be interesting to know if I can force the widget to show Spotify if it is playing)
  • I then pause the video and go on another app. Spotify is still playing, but widget still shows Chrome even if the video is paused and Spotify playing. I would be very interested in always having currently playing media prioritized over paused media in the widget

Hope that makes sense,

Thanks for your help