Now Playing Widget for only Music

Is there a way to utilize the Now Playing, Play/Pause, Previous and Forward Controls for only the Music app? If I have a song playing then glance over at a website (Facebook or a news site) which has a video I want to play, then the video always takes over precedence for the controls.

You can setup your own buttons using scripts instead that will directly control the Music app and nothing else. Here are sample one line scripts to add to the buttons:

tell application "Music" to stop
tell application "Music" to pause
tell application "Music" to play
tell application "Music" to playpause
tell application "Music" to play next track
tell application "Music" to play previous track

Thanks, I am aware of this. I was just hoping the built in buttons would be able to have this functionality, or an option for it. The return of playing track info in particular is quite nice and would be a lot of work to script out... maybe I'll take a stab at it though.

You can try a preset like AQT which has the now playing widget working separately for YouTube, Music, etc. that’d be helpful. Plus the preset is great overall!

Oh, I hadn't noticed that in AQT. I have borrowed from AQT, Golden Chaos and many other presets shared here to heavily customize my own. I do plan to share once I am completely happy with it (if that ever happens)

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I use this application. It will force those keys to always send events to Music (or spotify if you want). Works great with BTT!