Now playing widget does not refresh & Beta preferences does not delete widgets

I've been using the Now Playing widget for a long time with spotify with no issues but I think since the last version of BetterTouchTools, It kind of act weirdly..

When spoify is running it works fine but if I quit spotify it just stays on the last played song like if it was paused. Then if I click on the widget (usually to open the app) nothing happen.

If I manually open the app, I have to click play on the app to refresh the widget to show the currently playing track and be able to play/pause the song.

I've tried (with the new beta interface) to add a second widget to see if it was the same issue and it was! I then deleted the last widget I've created and the grey box stayed there even if the widget is not in the configurations anymore.

So now I have Now Playing widget not really working and an annoying grey box doing nothing next to it!


Can't seem to reproduce this here.
What does the now playing widget in the macOS notification center show in this case?

The now playing in macOS is showing spotify when I manually launch it and I can play/pause it, but if spotify is closed and I hit the play button, it starts itunes which I think is normal?

Possibly try to restart your mac, this could mean that for some reason the operating system doesn't send the playing/paused notifications anymore.

I've restarted and for some reason the FIRST time I click on the icon it launch the spotify application and the play/pause works but as soon as I quit the app, the widget does not works..

But after that when I launch spotify manually, the play/pause works again with the widget. it just won't refresh if I quit the app and won't launch the app either..

Which version of macOS are you running?

10.14.4 and 2.813 (1093) for BetterTouchTools

Ok so i've upgraded BetterTouchTools just in case and to have latest features! It doesn't solve the issue but still!

I've done some more test and here is what I experienced.

The problem seems to be related the the "When tapped" action
By default I use it as When tapped: Launch default player (if not running)
In this setting it only works for the first macOS reboot OR if I change the "When tapped" setting to anything else, save and put it back to launch default player (if not running). In that case when I tap, it launches spotify BUT as soon as I quit it, i'm not able to launch it again...

When I use any other settings like Bring default player to front, it works like a charm! every time the app is closed, it launches it and start playing...

The only problem with this option is that when I just want to play/pause the song while i'm doing something else it brings me my spotify app which is a little bit annoying!

Interesting, I'll have a look!