Notification Icon Live Mirror Widget


I have an app that lives in my Notification area that I would love to just simply have on my touchbar. BTT has made huge headway on my quest for regaining screen real estate. I am so close to living a perfect full-screen experience. I would LOVE it if one of the apps that lives in my notification area could just also live BTT touch bar.

The app is called effortless. The app is simple, it shows a count down timer and the current item in my todos that I'm working on in my notification area. It's a pretty nice app because you can interact with it via only keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts and the menu that pops up from the notification bar all work even if the taskbar is hidden. The only problem is...the timer the app displays and the task that I'm on are also hidden. If there were a way to just mirror what effortless is displaying in my notification area to the touch bar—that would be fantastic.

If it's possible, I think taking this idea a little bit further would be really useful for other users as well. A new widget that mimics the notification area icon of your choosing would be great. This of course means the widget is live—it behaves as the notification area icon would, though I don't mind if the effortless menu still drops down from the where my taskbar is hidden.

Is something like this possible?