Notification force-click action

I was wondering if it'd be possible to force-click on the macOS notification bubble to run a particular command?

For example, I'd like to force-click on the Apple Mail notification in order to delete the email right away.

Thoughts, ideas?

@Andreas_Hegenberg I guess this isn't possible at this stage, but it would be great to have. For example, "Mark as Read" for new Messages, "Snooze" for Calendar Alerts, etc...

you kind of can using the advanced trigger conditions, however I don't think it's possible to know the application that has sent the notification.

To just know whether it was a notification you clicked you can create the condition hovered_element_details CONTAINS "AXApplication: "Notification Center""

When hovering specific parts of the notification you can also get the text for matching, e.g. "Disk Not Ejected Properly" in my screenshot

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Thanks so much for this, Andreas! I'll see what I can do.