Notes: Please select a Gesture

I am getting the screen message "Notes: please select a gesture" from certain movements of the mouse. This is new and may have to do with a recent upgrade. Here's a shot that happens to show the on-screen message and the source.

I can't figure out how to change the Notes to eliminate this behavior. I'm also not sure why some but not other gestures have this "request" attached to them, esp. since in those cases where it appears in the lefthand column there is a gesture designated, and in those where it does not appear, there is NO gesture designated—the reverse of what you'd expect.

If I check "Show notes instead of description" the "Please select..." message on the left vanishes. There is no way (so far) to select multiple gestures and then check off that box.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. tx

Using El Capitain latest and latest alpha of BTT.

PS: The duplicates are from two imports overlaid on each other; I'm deleting them now. (The import may have caused the problem in fact.)

in general this happens if you trigger a gesture which you have defined twice and in both cases not assigned an action to it. Probably due to your double-import?

Can't you remove the duplicate preset by clicking the preset selector on the top right and deleting the new import from there?

I have since removed the duplicates, but the double imports are overlaid, not integrated. Is there no way to merge the two? The Master can't be unchecked. The "new" import set contains functions on the controls strip that are not found in the Master.

There are further functions (snap window settings) which may be long to one or the other set but I can't tell which.

if you change the color on one of them you will be able to see it in the list of triggers. If you select a trigger on BTT you can click the main menu -> Presets -> Move to Preset

Thanks. That helps. What I can't do yet is copy the window Snap Areas from one set to another. Is that impossible to do?