Notes Field - Text - Change Color Overlay to Improve Visibility

This probably isn't so much of a feature request, as it is a usability problem, but I'd love for BTT's "Notes" field to use a different color overlay when being edited.

At the moment, it's impossible to read when editing (black text on a gray background) (i.e., normal is usage fine - white text on gray background).


seems like a dark mode issue

I moved this to bug reports and tagged with the appropriate, if you don’t mind~

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As a workaround try changing the colour of the presset (master or the one currently using) to white in "Manage Pressets' (button)

Yep, the easiest way is to set a preset color that works in dark mode


I will try to set better default colors in the next release.

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Also noticed this text black issue in the HTML overlay editor!