Note: AI generated translations. Report issues here.

Some might already have noticed, the latest alphas have introduced AI generated translations for some (first) languages.
This is an experiment, but if it goes well I will add many more languages soon and automatically update them with every (stable) release.

The translations are generated via OpenAI's GPT-4 model using a little script I wrote. In the first round English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish and Korean are now supported.

I'm sure there are many weird translations because often the strings I use in BTT are missing context, making them hard to translate. If you encounter such weird translations, just post it here and it will be fixed. I'll soon provide a link where people can edit the translations directly.

You can always switch back to english in the settings!

//edit: french is currently broken and korean is not yet active, will be fixed with next alpha