Notch bar transparency

I was playing around with the notch bar and liked what possibilities I saw, especially since loosing my touch bar in the new macbook.
I saw in Notch Bar · GitBook that the notch bar still was transparent

But I cannot get it like this. It's always black.
Or some other color I choose in BTTNotchBarVariables.css. I chose grey so I can see the black original icons.

What does blur do or what should it do?

This is what it looks now:

This is what I hoped for:

in the advanced settings you can make it use the desktop background image (checkbox on bottom):

that is awesome! thanks for your help.
Should this also work for the second screen (without notch)?

Mh yes, I'm using it on my standard screens as well. Possibly try to restart BTT once. (Ah and BTT needs screen recording permissions for this to work, because it takes a screenshot of the top part of the desktop wallpaper)

This is the one

I notice the text says it's only for Notch Bar. Is this correct? Because restarting BTT and restarting the mac didn't make the external screen menu bar transparent. Also removed and added the screen recording permission again. No difference.
If it works OK for you I wouldn't put too much time in this. I'm happy with the notch screen being transparent and if the external screen isn't, that's no big issue.