Notch Bar: Timer and Language widgets

When entering notch bar mode, the Mac's menu bar gets updated every minute or so. So you can't see time, language and timer (clock app) in real time.

Could you guys add widgets similar to Time?

Or allow to set the update time for real menu bar.

I hope I am not the only one with this problem. It would be awesome if the menu bar works as expected. Sometimes you can't even click on tray icons. You have to do it multiple times to activate them.

Which version of BTT are you currently on?
It should update the time once per second, but maybe it doesn't for some reason.

There is also the date/time widget, which you can configure for any display format and which will refresh continuously.

I am running through Setapp. Unfortuntely it doesn't update that fast. Seems like it updates whenever it likes to.

I found this option and set it to 1 second. Now the menu bar updates every 5 seconds. It makes it more usable.