Notch bar issues

When I wake from sleep the apple menu file, edit, etc, are gone and so is the notch bar. I need to then use the notch bar toggle to bring back either menu, and pressing again toggles between them fine. But every now and then it reverts back to NO apple menu or notch at all. Here are my settings. What am I doing wrong? Bug?

When this happens, does the menu come back when switching to another app?

Nope. Wont come back unless I use keystroke to toggle notch bar on and off.

weird, are you on the latest BTT?

OS 12.1

Ok, that should be fine. I'll try to reproduce this.

Although this should be automatic, maybe try to refresh the templates:

One more question: do you use external displays?

Yes! laptop and external display. Samsung 32" curved 4k monitor
Will try that in a bit after my zoom event.

That reset didn't fix it. :frowning: