Notch Bar Height on "Standard Screens"

Is it possible to adjust the Notch (menu) bar on an external "standard display"? I'd like it to be pretty big on my AppleTV (like 10%). It happened randomly one time for about 5 min (when I had the icon size very large), but haven't been able to get it back.

I'm assuming this is CSS related? I have no background so if it is (or the js files...) could someone just well me a key-word to search for? I didn't see anything with "size" around a search for "standard"... and I don't want to break anything

Unfortunately making it bigger than the standard macOS menubar is not really possible due to how it works. You can adjust the font and icon sizes etc. but not the total height of the bar.

k I figured. so weird it did it for a short period... as always, thanks for the quick reply!