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You might need to check & uncheck the checkbox again only then it's triggering the new logic. The desktop switching will soon be fixed :slight_smile:

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is there a way to switch to stable? i tried to install stable .370 but it seems it has installed .374 beta sadly

also it said you enabled blur background (and not just solid black)but i dont see it working


Blurring backgrounds is not yet implemented (transparency for colors has been fixed with the last alpha).
But it will be added sometime next week!

Transparency for buttons example:

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only way to switch to stable is by disabling automatic updates until a new stable is releasing,then i download it and re-enabled auto-update i reckon?

you can always switch to stable by downloading from - Great Tools for your Mac! (but stable does not have any notch bar functionality at the moment)

but then i'd be downgrading so i must lose all data no? and reinstall from scratch i mean

You can export your current preset first, you can then import that in older builds as well.

New stable is coming by the end of next week though, and I think he current alpha (3.674) is more stable than the released stable version :slight_smile:

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Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg so I'm having the following issue with the Notch Bar — Whenever I enter a window in full screen the Notch Bar is being shown, even though I have explicitly hidden it.
This unfortunately also happens if I disable Notch Bar altogether in the Notch Bar settings.
Here's the recording:
Also the same thing happens when connected to an external display.


BTT Version: 3.674
MacBook Pro 16", 2019 (Not M1, no notch)
MacOS Monterey 12.1 (21C52)

If there's a better place to submit the bug reports for this feature, please let me know.

Thanks for reporting! Will be fixed with the next alpha.

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i really think this is related to btt and notchba as it never happens when i quit btt completely

as you can see both cleanmymacX and orion are foreground processes,yet even tho i have orion open and activated,the menu bar still shows cleanmymacX...except when i click it it is orion menubar (the currently focused app) meaning the menubar elements are those of foreground but are shown as previously used app...hope u get me lol

ah yes, if you have the Notch Bar active this can happen! There are a lot of fixes in the upcoming version (tomorrow or friday), I think this should be resolved there!

hmmm btw im making a bug report thats kinda hard to notice...i think btt is affecting the overall performance/smoothness ...i know it may be hard to notice but when i quit btt, i notice that scrolling in chrome is rly smoother (having btt on makes some sort of stutter ) and even in launchpad when switching between pages i think it affects the smoothness of it ,like it rly feels smoother

i tested it a bit again using istats menu and the overall fps were higher in chrome with btt off sadly

i know btt is full of services but it shouldnt affect the smoothness that much..unless i have a setting/trackpad gesture that makes the swipe less snappy (theory thats very likely actually,ill explain to you tomorrow if you will) but i checked everything and i dont see what could be doing this

TLDR; with btt on,the smotness of the device is worse,be it on chrome or in launchpad (not noticeable in other places that much imo)
it would seem to be related to the touch-swipe event rather than BTT actually taxing the system

mbp14 8/14

do you have the grammarly app installed? There are some known conflicts with BTT and grammarly that can cause performance issues in e.g Chrome

awesome .little precision for the scrolling performance problem.

it appears to be only on quick swipe (which is the case when you switch between pages in launchpad ) such as scrolling by making a small movement with the two fingers,and not scrolling super rapidly.for example rn reading your comments im performing a small swipe...hell imma record it lol my bad forgot i cant send u recorded videos on your website (be it h.264 or h.265 ,idk why)

i wished i had it but nope ...

maybe go to help -> export diagnostic debug info again (in the btt main menu) and send the result to Then I can check for any settings that might influence this.

just sent ! thks

seems much more noticeable with dark mode on

thanks! I’ll check your debug info tomorrow, let’s see what’s causing this :slight_smile:

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thanks ! attached 2 short videos on the way you have to scroll in order to be very disturbing

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