Notch Bar + Android Studio = Glitch


I am an Android Studio user and I have detected that when Notch Bar is enabled then appears an annoying grey popup in Android Studio (2020.3.1 Patch 4) when you "follow references" in source code. I have macOS Monterey.

To close the popup, I must close Android Studio completely.


I'm also using Android Studio, but haven't seen something like this. Are you sure this only happens with the Notch Bar active?

By follow references you mean cmd clicking on any symbol?

I never noticed that with Notch Bar disabled. I am a BetterTouchTool user for years, but days ago I discovered the new feature but found the glitch.

If you use CMD + click to search for method references, you will get the problem. The popup is above all windows of all running apps. And when the popup works, it appears at random positions.

Attached a screenshot with the popups over Safari and Android Studio (in background).

Very weird, could be a bug in their accessibility implementation. Does this happen all the time? I still haven't been able to reproduce it here, but I'm still on Patch 3

After more testing, seems that the problem occurs when there is only one "usage" of the method. In normal conditions, a popup appears and then it hides, but when notch is enabled, the popup remains on screen. If the method has multiple references, then the popup is populated waiting to select a result, so the problem not occurs.

I can reproduce the bug when BetterTouch is opened. And it not occurs when BetterTouch is closed.

Could you check whether this still happens with 3.706 alpha I just uploaded? (Get via "check for alpha version updates)
I disabled a specific accessibility feature the Notch Bar uses for Android Studio.


The latest Alpha version 3.707 fixes the problem!


Seems that the Notch Bar now crashes randomly. I need to press "Seems that your Notch Bar is not visible" in the Settings to show again.

As a suggestion, if a button is icon only, why not show a tooltip with Button Tittle on mouse over?

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