Not fully disable Drawings/Gestures with App Specific Settings

Bug found with Vivaldi browser what have feature of Rocker Gestures
(mouse buttons sequence from Right to Left and vice-versa)

Right to Left overlapped with BTT either Drawings/Gestures disabled with App Specific Settings

Only helps full Drawings/Gestures disable in preferences.

I ran into the same issue - don't know what the policy is, reply to this 9 month old thread or open a new issue? Anyways…

Some CAD applications rely on right click + drag for either camera rotation or panning. This obviously doesn't work with mouse gestures and while you're able to disable them on a per-app basis, it doesn't stop BTT from intercepting the input, it only stops the gesture from being triggered.

Right click + drag with gestures disabled for that app doesn't seem to recognize that the right mouse button is still pressed, it only "sends" a single click to the app.

The only workaround seems to be to either disable BTT completely for that specific app or turn off mouse gestures globally.

I don't know if it's a limitation or an oversight?