"Not authorized to send Apple events"


I have issues with a couple of applications. For example, I have an older version of iTunes inside my home directory and I use this Apple Script code to play and pause:

tell application "iTunes" to playpause

It works perfectly in Script Editor and Automator. However, triggering from BTT yields this error:

"Not authorized to send Apple events to iTunes."

I read online that Mojave has issues with Apple events: https://www.felix-schwarz.org/blog/2018/06/apple-event-sandboxing-in-macos-mojave

I imagine this issue can take place in other operations involving application control. Is there a known workaround for it and is this something being looked at?

Thank you!

Make sure BTT has all the permissions in System Preferences => Security & Privacy (In Accessibility & Automation)

Hi, I'm late to the party. I'm experiencing the same issue as OP.

How do I get BTT into the Automation list in the first place? BTT is listed and given access in the Automation panel.

I'm using BTT 2.536.

Thanks in advance
Regards, Andreas

it should show up automatically. If it doesn't try running this terminal command while BTT is quit:

tccutil reset All com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool

Hi Andreas,

I quit BTT and ran the command. Now when starting BTT, I'm asked to enable access in Security & Privacy. In there, only the Accessibility section has a BTT entry. The Automation section does not (which I understand is needed to be able to run scripts).

Running scripts from BTT still has the same issue. I'm running Catalina.

Note, I haven't tried triggering the script via a keyboard shortcut, since it fails when I try running it in the "script tester" in BTT.

Thank you in advance!

are you using some very old BTT version?
(you seem to be using the old ui )

Ah sorry I just saw. I currently don’t remember whether 2.536 already has full compatibility with the Catalina permissions. I’d recommend to use a later version that was released after catalina came out for full compatibility.

Ok. Thanks for the quick reply. Makes sense upgrading. I've had my eye on v3 for a while :slight_smile:

if you don’t need the new features you could also use the trial to get the permissions set up and then downgrade - just make sure to create a backup of your preset

Same issue here, running latest version. Where you able to fix this?