Normal Mouse : "over menubar" ignored in 3.166 with Priority Helper Tool


I think BetterTouchTool is excellent, and i've been finding it incredibly useful.

I just updated to 3.166 and un-installed the previous Priority Helper Tool and installed the new one, and now i'm seeing a bug that i know for sure wasn't there previously.

Previously I had a "Normal Mouse" action triggered with "SHIFT + Leftclick" and "Trigger Mouse over Menubar"

It still works perfectly when I hold down shift and left click in the menubar (like it's supposed to). However, it's scope isn't limited to the menubar anymore even though "Trigger Mouse over Menubar" is selected. It blocks shift click in the Finder and other apps now (so I can't shift click to select files in a Finder window for instance).

(This is on a 2018 15" Macbook Pro with macOS 10.14.6)

It could be that macOS 10.14.6 introduced the "Trigger Mouse over Menubar" problem. I updated the system right before I noticed it.

Could you check whether it works correctly on 3.167 for you?

I just updated and tested. It works correctly now in 3.167.

Thank you for fixing it so quickly!