Non-Technical User Seeking Help Re: Auto Resize 😫

Hello from Boston! If you're familiar with Snap Areas please read & share your thoughts.

So I was able to set up customized Snap Areas for the work-related programs I use. I set it up so my Chrome, Zoom, Apple Mail, Todoist, and Obsidian all overlap perfectly and I can cycle to an app with a quick click. I'm seeking help about one thing though: is there a programmable shortcut, keystroke, or anything that I can press/click to have all of the windows on my monitor automatically go into the Snap Areas to resize? I set up the Snap Areas to be specific to one app per area but I still have to click and drag all of the apps one by one.

If there is a way to accomplish this, please let me know! Please bear in mind I'm a non-technical user, so if you have a solution be please detailed with how I can implement it :slight_smile:

I be grateful for anything that can give me a few minutes back to my day.