No response from ChatGPT

I followed the instructions to connect BTT to ChatGPT. When I ask the AI a question in either Drafts or Notes I get the transforming message and then a Success! message - but no answer. Is this a problem with ChatGPT or I have configured something incorrectly?

Are you on the latest BTT version? (>= 4.045)

I am. 4.048. But, the problem persists. "Success" but no answer. Very simple questions - How much is 2+3? - gives the Transforming pop up with the brain icon and almost immediately "Success!" with no other information.

Is there anything special about your keyboard setup? (A special layout or something like that?)
I have now gotten reports from multiple users about it working well for them, so it's probably something system specific.

Or is there maybe a general misunderstanding? The idea of this is:

  • you select/highlight some text in some ui that allows editing text
  • you trigger the chatgpt function
  • BTT will copy the selected text, send it to the OpenAI API and replace the selected text with what has been returned from the API (additionally it keeps the original input text)

I'm asking about the keyboard layout, because BTT uses standard copy / paste commands to achieve this.

Thanks for the detailed response. I use an Apple keyboard and a Magic Mouse. To my knowledge there is nothing special about them. I have tried using this process is Drafts, Mail, Notes and Logseq. The behavior is the same in all of them. I use the standard copy/paste commands ⌘C and ⌘V.

The connection to ChatGPT seems to work - but the reply does not.

Update: I just found that the reply was on the clipboard - it is the paste at the end of the process that is not working.

Did you maybe instead of "Transform & Replace Selection With Java Script" select the similar "Transform & Copy Selection With Java Script" action?

That was the problem. All is now well. Thank you for the help.

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Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

when I perform a test with note it crashes my queries. I have to kill my stain and relaunch BetterTouchTool.

You have an idea ?


you need the latest BTT version, older ones might not work correctly for this

I have the latest version justement.

Version : 4.053

maybe I misunderstood, what exactly happens?
What do you mean by "kill my stain"?


kill service by activity monitor.

which version of macOS are you running?

MacOS ventura (13.2.1)

weird, I haven't heard of any problem with that combination. Does only BTT freeze or the other app as well

yes, weird indeed. it freezes both

do yoh have any special keyboard layout? Basically BTT tries to send cnd+v to paste the response

what do you mean by keyboard layout

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

I give you my little return. I changed my shortcut and for the moment no blocking.

I have a little question. is it possible to integrate it into the touchbar with BTT ?


I get an "Error" returned. I set up instead of a keyboard shortcut, I'm using hot corners. In notes, I type something, then I use the hot corners. It replaces what I typed with Error