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@Andreas_Hegenberg can you please help?

I have set up BTT hyperkey. When I press and hold caps lock, the touch bar shows icons that are only displayed when these modifiers are pressed. This works fine.

Then I set up a key sequence on the bottom. When I press and hold "4", everything works. Only the Touch Bar icons are not displayed. I tried delays, switching actions, but nothing works.

Do you know why?

Could you help me here please?

It's complicated, but BTT can not use a programatically generated caps lock as hyper key - it's hard enough to do this with a hardware key.

Is there a reason you want to do this with the hyper key? Maybe instead you could use a conditional activation group that contains the buttons and is visible based on some variable?

Do I understand correctly, the fact that the desired touch bar is displayed to me when I press hyperkey (caps lock) does not mean that this key must also work in a macro with other actions?

Well, I could also press all modifiers together to display this Touch Bar. But hyperkey works very well alone, so I wanted to use that together with other actions.

Sure, if you tell me how.

Right, only a real hardware key can act as hyperkey. If it is generated programmatically (like in an actio nsequence) it will not work.

The variable thingy should be easy to do:

Create a conditional activation group that checks for a specific value of a specific variable:

Then use the predefined action "assign value to variable" to change that value. For example set the value"show" on key-down

And the value "dontShow" on key up:

Ok, thanks I will try it out. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe a stupid question, but with hyperkey, aren't the 4 modifiers already generated programmatically from the beginning? And still they work. :thinking:

yes, but there is a lot of logic/magic involved when converting the caps lock key to these modifiers and preventing it from work as caps lock at the same time (because that key has a lot of special behavior).

BTT uses multiple sources of input data to decide what it should do and then tricks the caps lock key into not doing it's caps lock thing anymore.

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