No auto startup when Launch BTT checked


I have had 2 problems with BBT for many months now:

  1. BBT does not start automatically when starting Mac Mini M1, Monterey 12.2 (and 12.1).
    I have the Launch BTT on startup checked in preferences, and BTT appears in the list of LogIn items in Users & Groups preference pane. I have to manually start BTT every time I start my computer.

  2. Maybe related: when I manually start BTT it seems to add another BBT entry in the LogIn items list, and dim out the old one.

Thanks, Tom

BTT v 3.742 (1884) but same problems with previous version

is BTT in your applications folder? do you maybe have multiple copies of BTT on your machine?

Hi Andreas,

BTT is in my Applications folder.
I have only one copy of BBT on my machine.

Thanks, Tom

possibly try to delete BTT from login items, then toggle the launch on startup setting in BTT off and back on again

Hello. I am also having the same problem of BTT not automatically launching upon startup with my M1 iMac. I have been a BTT user for a long time but started having this issue right after updating my system to MacOS Monterey. There might be a compatibility issue between BTT and MacOS Monterey. What do you recommend me to do? It is really annoying.

I'm having the same issue on my Intel Macbook Pro on Big Sur.
It's in the log in items and it does start... technically. The icon menu in the upper right shows, but I have to hit configuration each time it even sleeps otherwise it doesn't do anything.

Might be related issue in it not starting correctly.
I also get multiple instances of the configuration menu showing at times