Night Shift/F.lux visually applying to Touch Bar

Hello all. I'm aware that you can have a night shift toggle button in BTT, turning the screen redder for night use to retain regular circadian rhythm and retain regular sleep patterns in reducing blue light. Is there any way through Night Shift or F.lux, the free cross-platform app that existed for years before Night Shifted existed on macs, might apply the change in color profile to the touch bar itself? I would love for the buttons to tint red as well, because as it stands in the dead of night I have a screen that is mostly red but a touch bar that still emits a lot of blue light! Cheers, and thank you for the help!

Basically, would be looking for a switch I could turn on and off that would make the touch bar reduce all button's Green and Blue values, but retain Red values, for RGB for all buttons. Is there any way to do this en masse aside from painfully going one by one? And any way to affect the RGB value of the dock widget for example? Thank you!

Essentially, I know I could change the colors of every button manually to be red shaded. However, this would not effectively tint the Dock Widget, which would still be the odd man out. When f.lux is enabled, its profile is added to System Settings > Display > Color and these color value changes are readily available in other applications. It is my understanding that macOS' native Night Shift has a similar impact on this region in System Settings as well. Having an option to have button coloration impacted by screen color profile would resolve this. Thanks!

I'm sorry but to be honest this sounds too complicated to implement and only of limited use therefore I most likely won't be able to do it.

There are probably ways to change the display temperature of the Touch Bar but this is all undocumented so somebody would need to reverse engineer the Apple frameworks that are responsible for that .

That's okay. I'm wondering if instead of attempting to get the actual current color profile there could be a BTT-related action that simply toggles turning the G and the B colors in all RGB down to 0 so only the R remains to supply everything in red?

I bring this up because blue light has impacts on circadian rhythm and has been tied to prostate and breast cancer, and also studied here.

Unfortunately I don't know how to modify the Touch Bar's color profile. Maybe this would be a better feature request for f.lux because they have much more experience with this stuff.

As far as I know the research results on this are still very mixed and all the studies have big limitations due to the complicated setup, but it will be very interesting to see the more research into this topic.