Next tab/previous tab shortcuts

The new tabs views in BTT 4.566 are very useful. I would like if you could add two new menu items in the view menu to naviagate to next tab and previous tab.

In Safari and Google Chrome the shortcuts are cmd+alt+left/right arrow. Maybe you could use the same shortcuts as I guess it is familiar for a lot of users.


these are in the window menu (macOS default) :slight_smile:


If I want to overwrite the internal shortcut for this, I got into conflict with the navigation inside of BTT itself. I use everywhere ctrl+alt+arrow left/right to move between tabs.
I added BTT as an app. I created the trigger action "men├╝leistenelement aktivieren" and put in "window; show next tab". First it worked. After copy and paste for "previous tab", BTT suddenly navigates through the columns of BTT, not the tabs.

You can override it like this in BTT (might require a reopen of the BTT preferences window)

I have configured the next/prev tab in the keyboard section of the system settings. That's the best solution IMHO