News Ticker in the touch-bar

A news ticker showing "sliding" news in the touch-bar and allowing the user to select the news source.

Turns out supports UI scripting! So I'm on this.

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Great! Thanks, I'll check your site, I'd be happy to support your work :clap:t2:

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Do you have any news? RSS news ticker is the only reason Im going to use BetterTouchTool and I would be very happy to have such feature / script..

Go here, download the 'latest experimental version' preset (which includes the support) and import it in BTT.

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Thank you.. after half an hour of trying the presets and searching for I found out that I don't have it here in my region (Croatia)

Too bad :confused:

If it’s any consultation, neither do I (Italy).
I think it would be nice to let the user choose the source (which is basically what I’ve meant in the first post):grin:

Please YES, a newsticker, where you can provide your own rss source ... I have been waiting for this so long !!

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