Newbie questions about how to use and configure Screenshot Capture


I use BTT (+ GoldenChaos) for a few days now. I love it. Bought it after 1 day trial :slight_smile: But it is really hard to learn about specific features. Got the most important stuff working, but there is so much more I could leverage :slight_smile:


  1. I still could not find a good high-level introduction or tutorial video for BTT (ideally with GC, but just BTT is fine, too)

  2. I understand how to use Screenshot Capture with the Control button + Touchbar. But: How do I configure/change this config (I want to be able to select what part of the screen is capture, and turn off the sound). I found these docs: Screenshots ยท GitBook, but I cannot find this config in BTT. How do I navigate there?

  3. Can I search in the BTT UI somehow. Say I enter "screenshot" so that it navigates me to the right config box or shows a popup or something like that? This would help a lot, but I cannot find something like this.

Thanks for the help.