Newbie: Just installed BTT, but it's "empty" with no options. What am I doing wrong?

I've actually looked at the documentation and tutorials, but... every one of them shows options on a screen. In mine, every pane is empty. Even when I want to add a new trigger, I don't have options of what to add. In this forum, people praise about built in functions in BTT, but I've found no way to list such functions. What could be going wrong?

For reference, I purchased BTT for just ONE function - being able to create a new file in Finder, preferably with a right click. I know from the forums that this creating a new file is a "built in" function, but I surely cannot find it listed anywhere in the program.

Is BTT supposed to look like it does in the Tutorials? Is there any way to find out what are built in functions you can add to a trigger?

Thanks so much, community. :slight_smile: -

  • Jeff

can you post a screenshot of how your BTT looks like?