Newbie here, has anyone integrated Clockify (Time Tracking App) into BTT yet?

Hi there.

I'm just starting to delve into the possibilities with BTT, and although I'm a newbie when it comes to programming I'm willing to learn.

Clockify is an application I am using to track my time of various projects for my work. It's also quite motivational for me to actively see the timer counting in the corner of my eye, so it keeps me focused!

Therefore, I would like to dedicate a corner of my Touch Bar to display the current project/task I am working on, as well as the time spent thus far.

Clicking on this widget should stop/start the timer, and a long press will expand the widget out and display a number of Clockify options including selecting which other project to switch to.

Clockify has an API, so I would appreciate some rough pointers on what I need to look into to get the above done!

Many thanks :slight_smile: