"New Window Switcher"?

Is there a new action called "New Window Switcher"? Sorry, I can't find it. Can you show me where it is? Thanks.

Bildschirmfoto von BetterTouchTool (22-12-22, 14-19-00)

Thanks @SLE should it look like this? Because it looks completely different here. Or does it only look like this with Ventrua?

It's the old one, but looks & behaves different on only Ventura now (this was my SwiftUI test case)

Sorry, I'm not quite keeping up. Where is the new one? Or do I not see the action at all with Monterey?

The action is called the same, but on Ventura it shows this new window switcher, on versions before Ventura it shows the old version.

Ah, ok, thanks Andreas :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish SwiftUI was more compatible with old macOS versions, but lots of stuff that I really wouldn't want to work without has only been added recently.

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Ventura 13.1

Hidden Apps are not shown in the menue. Is that by design?

No, they are on my TODO list. Will be shown once this goes into the stable build!

Minimized & hidden windows are now included, they currently share the same icon (crossed eye).

I'll soon add some options to define what windows are shown.

Currently it will by default show

  • All windows on the currently visible spaces
  • All windows on the not visible spaces
  • All minimized windows
  • From all screens

The windows on the current screen & space are sorted top

I have Ventura 13.1 but it looks completely differently than on the previous screenshots.

you need the latest BTT alpha version

Exactly, I am on Setapp version and it is still 3.962. Thanks for pointing that.

yep, unfortunately Setapp doesn’t have an alpha channel yet. Anyways a first stable will be released soon.

can you add options for positioning on screen, center left right. it looks really cool with icons and thumbnails. also minimized windows could be show as dimmed or yellow dot on app icon

Also it would be nice to exclude certain windows like for example AppCleaner shows up: