New version update loop problem

For the past few months or so of updates I have always gotten stuck in an update loop where every time I check for regular version updates and for alpha version updates I am always told there's an update available even after going through "Install Update and Relaunch".

In the screenshot you can see it says update available: Version 42820 - Your current version: 42810

Device information:
M1 Max Macbook Pro
MacOS Sonoma 14.0
BTT Version 4.282 (42810)

Same here

Same here. This happens periodically, every few weeks, and is happening again right now

It happens when the main version number is the same, but the number in brackets is different, eg in this example 43360 vs 43350.

Maybe this causes it not to actually download the new version, because it's got the same main version number? Or maybe the alert itself is faulty.

Either way, it's a bit annoying. I've had it pop up every day for the last three days - probably because I am doing "Remind me later", but that's because I'm not sure if "Skip this version" will just skip this incorrect one, or might also skip the next real update.

Problem is happening again - 43710 vs 43700 so it will constantly prompt for update unless skipped

@Andreas_Hegenberg every time you push a new version that doesn't have a full new version number it causes this update loop problem. It's been happening for some months now.

Yes, this has been annoying me too :confused:
You just have to his Skip This Version eventually, but it would be good to get rid of...

I am also finding that the window never loads the Release Notes, which means I don't know what the update is anyway! I'm not sure what's causing that - I've tried disabling AdGuard but it doesn't seem to be that. Any ideas?

And happening again with 4.372

@frogworth I'm not having that issue, I do see release notes each time. So that must be a different issue I guess.

On the subject of release notes, I do wish the release notes updated more often. 90% of the time I apply a new release, I have no idea what's new, because the release notes are the same as the last 5 times.

I wish Andreas would include his commit logs or something similar in the Alpha notes, so we could see what bug fixes or tweaks were included.

unfortunately it‘s caused by a weird xcode bug that has not yet been fixed, it’s only happening for the fully automated builds (i.e. alpha builds).

I’ll wait for the next Xcode update, if that doesn’t help I’ll implement some (annoying) workaround!

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Oh actually there was a Xcode release last week and it looks promising. The first try seems to have updated all version numbers correctly in the automated build (v4.373)

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