New user question.

I am trying to make my workflow smoother, I currently have to double click the control key for a specific command that i use often. how can i use BetterTouchTool to make it just one click of the control key to trigger the same action?

what kind of command, and where did you configure it?

i want 'control double tap' to = 'control'

but for what use case?
You could record a key sequence in BTT to trigger when control is pressed. Then you could send the ctrl down and ctrl up actions twice. However this would happen anytime you press the ctrl key, breaking all sort of standard macOS shortcuts.

i need it for just one application. can you make it only functional for one app?

the recording sequence wasn't working for me.

I managed to get it working with the track pad feature though

Yes you can add the app to the left sidebar, then add the trigger to that app only: