New user: Disabled gamer, using BTT as aid. In game mouse issues.

Hi there, new user here. As mentioned, I have late-onset ataxia with severe symptoms. As a long-term PC gamer, I have found that I struggle with actions that require the dexterity of the hands required in some games that require a keyboard. Now that I have moved to Mac, I need a replacement for AHK.

I've picked up a licence as BTT does exactly what I need with the exception of the one negative effect which I think has to do with how I've set up the script or the settings.

I've started with a basic trigger (pressing '2' on the keyboard), and I have assigned '2', '6', '7' and '8' as actions from the trigger. So I expect when I press '2', the result is '2678'.

This works perfectly as-is, though I am now finding that whenever I do trigger this script, I get an unfortunate glitch causing a stutter in the mouse cursor.

Thank you

Update: I've stumbled onto a thread that mentions the options in 'Advanced Snap Settings', where I have found some improvements adjusting the 'delay before snapping' and possibly the 'window snapping process timeout'. To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing, but these settings seem related to the script causing a stutter in mouse movement when mouse-button one is held down.